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Individual Tax Preparation

​We stay up on current tax laws to ensure you get the maximum return possible.

Response to IRS Notices

​Community 1st will be right by your side helping you deal with the IRS


​​Good practices throughout the year gives you confidence when Tax season comes around.


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IRS Frequently Asked Questions:

Finding reputable resources online, especially for tax information, can be difficult.  We’re here to help.  More...


ITIN Assistance​

A part of preparation is setting your business up correctly right from start-up to transition.


We will help you file for the time you need to keep you on track

For all your accounting needs…

If you don’t necessarily love doing your taxes (or have an accounting degree), you’ve come to the right place.  At Community 1st Solutions, we do what we love: taxes. Small Businesses, larger enterprises, Fortune 500 companies, and individuals – we’ve done it them all.

Notary Public

​Try our document verification service. Our Notaries are patient and convenient.

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